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New  Free  Leonard Peltier  CD

Free Leonard Peltier - Conscious Hip Hop Album
Free Leonard Peltier – A Conscious Hip Hop Album

Hip Hop’s Contribution

to the Freedom Campaign

  1. 1. A Piece for Peltier from a Panther Cub,  Chairman Fred Hampton Jr
    2. Right This Wrong,  Rakaa of Dilated Peoples & 2Mex
    3. Hold Your Head Up,  M1 of Dead Prez & DJ Child
    4. Political Prisoner,  Immortal Technique
    5. When I Rhyme,  Skyzoo, Talib Kweli & Reks
    6. On Leonard Peltier,  T-K.A.S.H.
    7. Raid My Home,  The Dime
    8. Release Me,  Arievolution & Iamani I. Ameni
    9. Never Forget, Joe Stuntz  Eseibio
    10. Do It Movin’,  Bicasso & DJ Fresh
    11. Trail of Tears,  Mama Wisdom
    12. Peltier’s Beat Goes On,  Buggin Malone
    13. Right This Wrong (Instrumental),  Deeskee

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Get Yourself down to the Listening Party

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Listening party for new hip hop cd, the ‘Free Leonard Peltier Album,’ Tuesday, Nov. 30, 6:30 p.m., at the Black Dot Café, 1195 Pine St., West Oakland, California

Album Notes :

Hip Hop Activists Unite for Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier is progressive hip hop’s contribution to the campaign to free Native American activist Leonard Peltier.
Wrongfully convicted in connection with the shooting deaths of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1977, Peltier maintains his innocence.

“Our mission is to highlight a case that clearly is an abuse of the legal standards of American justice,” said executive producer A-Ron.The first track, “A Piece for Peltier from a Panther Cub,” is an introduction from Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., the son of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, Sr., who like Peltier was targeted by the FBI’s notorious counterintelligence program or COINTELPRO. Hampton, Sr., was a Black Panther who was shot to death while sleeping by the Chicago Police in 1969.
“Human rights organizations are trying to right this wrong, but for Peltier the least I can do is write this song. It’s been over 30 years of tears and frustration since the brother stood up with no fear for the nation,” proclaims Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) with 2Mex in their tribute song for Peltier called “Right This Wrong”.Other contributing hip hop artists include Immortal Technique, M1 of Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Skyzoo, Reks, T-Kash, The Dime, Arievolution & iamani i. iameni, Mama Wisdom, Bicasso of the Living Legends, Eseibio, and Buggin Malone.
The 13-track CD can be purchased on iTunes and at cdbaby.com.Imprisoned for 35 years—currently at the federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania—Leonard Peltier has been designated a political prisoner by Amnesty International. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, 55 Members of Congress and others—including a judge who sat as a member of the court in two of Peltier’s appeals—have all called for his immediate release. Widely recognized for his humanitarian works and a six-time Nobel Prize nominee, Peltier also is an accomplished author and painter.This project is endorsed by the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee. For information on the Peltier case, visit www.whoisleonardpeltier.info .Also see US Versus Leonard Peltier: Evidence of a Wrongful Conviction. From the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/download/CriticalFBIDocs.pdf.

source: cdbaby


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